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Event Volunteers and Sponsors Needed for the Concord Multicultural Festival

The Concord Multicultural Festival is coming up on Sunday, September 24, 11am - 5pm at Keach Park in Concord. The day kicks off with a Parade of Flags, followed by 5 hours of performances and food vendors from a variety of different cultures, presented mostly by folks from this community.

The Concord Multicultural Festival is organized by a committee of dedicated volunteers, but the day of the event requires many more volunteers to ensure a smoothly run, engaging and enjoyable experience for everyone. We are looking for groups - companies, organizations, etc. - to take on certain volunteer aspects of the Festival in exchange for sponsorship benefits. 

See below for the options.

The idea is that a group will "own" one of the tasks and a point person from that group would recruit volunteers from their organization* and coordinate with them on the day of the event. We would provide training and all the information needed ahead of time, and of course be available for support during the day.

*Doesn't have to be an organization or company - it could be a church, book club, running group or your best friends! 

If your organization is interested in volunteering, it would be listed as a sponsor and receive marketing benefits based on the total number of hours 'donated'. We figure this out by determining how many volunteers x how many hours x the national average value for volunteer hours (approximately $30/hr).

The group "projects" we need help with are as follows. Please let us know as soon as possible if you're interested in taking one of these on. We will get you listed as a sponsor ASAP. If you have any questions or would like to have a discussion via phone, zoom, or in person, I would be more than happy to do so. Thank you again for your consideration. We look forward to hearing from you!


SHIFT TIME: 7am - 11am

# of VOLUNTEERS: 8 -10

TASKS: Assisting with setting up tents, tables, chairs, banners, etc.


SHIFT TIME: 4pm - 7pm
# of VOLUNTEERS: 8 -10

TASKS: Breaking down tables, tents, chairs, banners, etc.


SHIFT TIMES: Multiple throughout the day starting at 8am until 5pm

# of VOLUNTEERS: 15 - 18

TASKS: Monitoring parking lots, directing cars where to park, etc.


SHIFT TIMES: Multiple throughout the day starting at 11am until 7pm

# of VOLUNTEERS: 4 per shift

TASKS: Emptying trash and recycling containers and bringing to dumpster on site

Additional Info

Expiration Date : 9/24/2023

Job Type : Volunteer

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